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Our mission is to generate value for the Ethereum community through dApps and utility projects.

Our Bots

Our Bots


Our Multifunctional AI Telegram bot, dedicated to providing unrivaled token monitoring like no other! Stay ahead of the game with RugKiller.


We were the first movers to create the first Mixer/Bridge Aggregator telegram bot. Enjoy the privacy as never before. Innovation is key.


Bypass traditional exchanges and trade directly with other users. This means you can make deals privately without affecting the token's chart.


GemScouter monitors over 15,000 highly profitable wallets renowned for generating significant returns and identifying gems early on.

Decentralized Apps

Code Generator

This tool allows developers to create smart contracts quickly and easily, without needing to have a deep understanding of coding.

Audit Code

An AI smart contract auditor is a tool that uses advanced algorithms to analyze smart
contracts and identify potential vulnerabilities.

Rug Checker

Rug Checker gives you information about a contract and the chances of it being a scam.

Portfolio Tracker

Portfolio Tracker lets you track your Ethereum wallets by entering your wallet address for free.


Trade any token in seconds
just by connecting your wallet.

Token Fomo

Keep tracking any coin on Ethereum Chain and receive important performance information.









Road Map

The Journey of 0X1

July 18, 2023

Release of GhostTxn, a Telegram bot that aggregates mixers for private cross-chain transactions, ensuring user anonymity.

July 29, 2023

Launch of OutsiderEx, the first OTC Market on Telegram, allowing users to conduct trades without impacting charts.

Aug 08, 2023

Introduction of GemScouter, a bot that monitors profitable wallets, providing insights into potential high-reward investments.

Sep, 2023
GhostTxn Mixer Platform

GhostTxn is the product that generates the most income and has the most hits from 0x1. So let's create a platform dedicated to it. This decision could accelerate our revenue share.

Out, 2023
GemScouter Filter & Notifications

You will create your own notifications based on your interests on GemScouter, get notified only when information like market cap, liquidity and number of wallets have bought.

Out, 2023

Finally a portfolio tracker that will be able to track your portfolio, pnl, transactions in multiple different wallets.

July 06, 2023
dApp Platform

Launch of the foundational dApp platform, setting the stage for future bot integrations and utilities.

July 07, 2023

Introduction of RugKiller, a token monitor that helps users avoid potential rug pulls using advanced AI.


Aksed Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers from partners and 3D artist

Please check this FAQ first before contacting us.

01. What is the primary function of RugKiller?

RugKiller is designed to monitor tokens and help users avoid potential rug pulls using advanced AI.

02. How does the partnership with Maestro enhance RugKiller's capabilities?

The partnership with Maestro brings additional expertise and resources, ensuring more accurate and comprehensive monitoring of tokens.

03. How often is the AI model updated?

The AI model is continuously updated to adapt to the ever-changing crypto market dynamics and provide accurate predictions.

04. Is there a fee associated with using RugKiller?

No, RugKiller is free but we want to add ADS or others type of monetization.

05. How can I trust the predictions made by RugKiller?

LRugKiller's AI is based on extensive data analysis and patterns, but as with all investments, users should conduct their own research.

06. Can I suggest tokens for RugKiller to monitor?

Yes, user feedback is valuable, and suggestions for additional tokens to monitor are always welcome.

07. How do I get started with RugKiller?

Simply interact with the @RugKiller_bot on Telegram to begin using its features.

08. Are there any plans to expand RugKiller's features?

0x1 is always looking to enhance its offerings, and user feedback plays a crucial role in determining future updates.

01. What makes GhostTxn unique?

GhostTxn aggregates mixers to facilitate private cross-chain transactions, ensuring users' anonymity and security.

02. How many mixer options are available on GhostTxn?

GhostTxn currently supports 3 mixer options, providing users with a variety of choices.

03. Is there a fee for using GhostTxn?

Yes, GhostTxn charges a fee for facilitating private transactions, which is used to maintain and improve the platform.

04. How does GhostTxn ensure transaction privacy?

By aggregating various mixers, GhostTxn obscures the origins and destinations of transactions, ensuring complete privacy.

05. Can I choose which mixer to use?

Yes, users have the flexibility to select their preferred mixer option from the ones available.

06.How long do transactions take via GhostTxn?

Transaction times vary based on the chosen mixer and network congestion but are optimized for speed and efficiency.

07. Is GhostTxn available for all cryptocurrencies?

GhostTxn primarily focuses on cross-chain transactions, but the availability of specific cryptocurrencies depends on the supported mixers.

08. How do I get support if I face issues with a transaction?

Users can reach out to the GhostTxn support team via Telegram for assistance.

01. What is the main advantage of using OutsiderEx?

OutsiderEx allows users to conduct OTC trades directly on Telegram without impacting charts, ensuring privacy and speed.

02. How does OutsiderEx differ from traditional OTC markets?

OutsiderEx is exclusively designed as a Telegram bot, making it more accessible and user-friendly than traditional OTC platforms.

03. Are there any fees associated with OutsiderEx?

Yes, OutsiderEx charges a fee for facilitating trades, which supports the platform's maintenance and development.

04. How does OutsiderEx ensure the security of trades?

OutsiderEx incorporates robust security measures to protect user transactions and ensure a safe trading environment.

05. Can I list my tokens for sale on OutsiderEx?

Yes, users can list their tokens for sale, allowing others to discover and engage in trades. Contact team at telegram.

06. How do I start trading on OutsiderEx?

Simply interact with the @OutsiderEx_bot on Telegram to begin listing or finding trades.

07. Are there any limits to the trade size on OutsiderEx?

Trade limits may vary based on user verification levels and platform policies. It's best to check with the bot for specific details.

08. Can I cancel a trade once initiated?

Yes, users have the flexibility to cancel trades, but it's essential to follow the platform's guidelines to avoid any penalties.

01. How does GemScouter help investors?

GemScouter monitors over 15,000 profitable wallets and notifies users when these wallets make a purchase, providing insights into potential high-reward investments.

02. How are the 15,000 wallets selected?

The wallets are chosen based on their track record of generating significant returns in the crypto market.

03.Is there a delay in the notifications I receive?

GemScouter strives to provide real-time notifications, but there might be minimal delays based on network conditions.

04. Can I customize the notifications I receive?

Yes, users can set preferences to receive notifications tailored to their investment interests.

05. How do I start using GemScouter?

Simply interact with the @gemscouter_bot on Telegram to start your notifications.

06. Is there a fee associated with using GemScouter?

GemScouter may charge a fee for its premium features, ensuring the platform's continuous development and enhanced offerings.

07. How accurate are GemScouter's notifications?

While GemScouter provides insights based on wallet activities, investors should always conduct their own research before making decisions.

08. Can I suggest additional wallets for GemScouter to monitor?

Yes, user feedback is invaluable, and suggestions for additional wallets to monitor are always welcome.

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The 0x1 Token is designed to benefit our community in various ways. Let's explore how you can reap the rewards of being a part of the 0x1 ecosystem.

Experience the full
anonymity of GhostTxn

Complete Privacy

No wallet connection needed, your data and IP are safe.

Enhanced Anonymity

Random mixer selection ensures 100% anonymity.

Privacy Protection

Multiple mixers for maximum unparalleled privacy

Earn as a 0x1 Holder

Enjoy revenue share from GhostTxn fees.

Embrace anonymous
cryptocurrency transactions

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